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Transformation Your Very Own Business Guarantee!

RRP $412.99

This is an operational manual on how to setup a nursing care recruitment agency. Covers sample templates, operational manual, needed to start a care agency recruitment agency. We are a company in the UK providing this business opportunity for people with no previous sales or recruitment experience to experienced consultants enabling them to set up and run their very own care recruitment agency. We will provide you with all the knowledge and systems you need to run a profitable care agency recruitment business. You will personally be trained by Managing Director Christine Blackledge, who has over 20 years extensive experience of the recruitment industry and has worked at Director and Senior Management level. Christine has contracted with companies such Nottingham County Council, West Sussex County Council, Manpower, NHS, Brighton College of Technology and Chichester College, and various recruitment and care companies across the North and South of England. Christine has trained staff at NHS Hospitals, Residential Homes and Nursing Homes across the South of England as a lecturer and distance learning tutor. Christine has also set up a training school which had registration with City & Guilds of London enabling her to teach National Vocational Qualifications. Christine helped to set up recruitment and staffing agencies and medical school in the UK and the USA with license's to ensure the standards are being met. Christine is also a licensed business development Consultant for Business's across the UK and the USA and is currently running events on how to start a recruitment company. Christine will provide you with one-to-one training showing the exact steps you need to take to make your startup business a success.

A Deadly Business

RRP $32.99

What happens when a prosecutor of violent criminals discovers her work has followed her home

When a twenty-two-year-old killer walks into the courtroom, his eyes confirm what Mia Quinn already guesses: he blames her for his conviction. In seconds, he knocks her to the ground and holds a razor blade to her throat. She manages to escape, but it's just one more reminder that Mia's job prosecuting Seattle's most dangerous criminals is risky.

Now Detective Charlie Carlson is suggesting the very thing Mia doesn't want to believe-that her accountant husband's deadly car accident was no accident at all. When Mia and Charlie encounter resistance to reopening the case, they take the investigation into their own hands. And find much more than they bargained for.

Was Mia's husband more than an accountant-and less than an honest man As the truth becomes more shocking and the case grows more complex, her husband's enemies take note of Mia-and her children. How far will this prosecutor go to learn the truth, and how far will she have to go to protect her family

How To Start A Pet Grooming Business In 7 Days

RRP $18.99

Imagine Starting a Pet Grooming Business that Generates $1000 Want to make in the Dog Grooming Business? Tired of being told it's easy to generate thousands as a Dog Groomer or Pet Groomer? Looking for a REALISTIC strategy that really works? It is possible to create an income in a Pet Grooming Service, Mobile Pet Grooming Business, and Doggy Day-care. The Problem is? You can't do it overnight. The secrets of starting a Successful Pet Grooming Company are to start small and scale up your business. Follow the 9 Step Easy Plan for Starting Your Home-Based Dog Grooming Business. In the guide "HOW TO START A PET GROOMING BUSINESS IN 7 DAYS," you'll get a 9-step plan for building a profitable Mobile Dog Grooming Service. You'll learn how to: The Best Home-Based Business How to Get Your Business License The Best Home-Based Business The Best Way to Market Your Business The Cheapest Way to Get Customers You Only Need a Pen, Paper and One Hour How to make your flyers Door Hangers the fast, easy way to success The best way to manage your income Would You Like To Know More? Get started running your Successful Pet Grooming Business right away. Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button' now. Tags: Dog Grooming Books, Pet Grooming Books, Mobile Pet Grooming Books, Pet Grooming Business, Pet Grooming Service, Pet Grooming Company, Dog Grooming Business, Dog Grooming Service, Dog Grooming Company, Doggy Day-care business, doggy day-care service, doggy day-care company, pet setting business, pet setting service, dog walking business, dog walking service, pet care business, pet care service

Homer Price

RRP $13.99

Homer Price lives two miles out of Centerburg, where Route 56 meets 56A, but most of his friends and relatives live in town. They include Aunt Aggy and Uncle Ulysses, the Sheriff and the boys, Miss Terwilliger, Miss Naomi Enders, great-great-great granddaughter of Ezekiel Enders who funded Centerburg and who owned the precious formula for making Cough Syrup and Elixir of Life Compound. While Centerburg is not exactly nosey, precious little happens that the good citizens do not know.

How To Start Your Personal Training Business

RRP $86.95

Inside this book you will learn how to become a certified personal trainer and start your personal training business. The book include a step by step business plan and professionally written forms and policies.

Here is what you will learn from this book:

- Why get certified and how

- Important issues you should consider when getting certified

- How to stand out from every other personal trainer

- How to find your niche

- How much you should be charging your clients

- The most effective ways to market your personal training business

- How to get your clients signing up over and over again

- What to do when a potential client walks in

BONUS! Professionally Written Forms and Policies (over $80 value)


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