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Ideas for a home based business in Australia

Home based business is booming in Australia and there are many new and exciting home based business opportunities for you to take advantage of!

For example, countless individuals have started thriving home businesses as a result of a hobby.

In fact, we’ve personally been able to develop a great extra income stream through Holly’s ability to create custom canvas wall quotes. Holly has always had a creative streak and what started out as a cool and unique gift idea for a few friends, eventually turned into a steady home based hobby business that we have since branded Walls Of Wisdom.

For more information on this business, check out the website at www.WallsOfWisdom.com.au.

Walls Of Wisdom is an example of home based product business, where we have been able to turn a fun hobby into an income-generator. So what skills do you have that could be turned into a business?

Can you cook or bake? If so, then perhaps acookingbusiness or cakedecoratingbusiness could be a great way to earn extra money.

Are you ‘crafty’? You could design hand-madejewelerylikewww.ullijewellery.com.

Home based business opportunities that are product-based can be very easy to market andlowcost to run. For example, we run our Walls Of Wisdom hobby business at a cost of $14 per year (cost for the website domain name). We don’t actively market throughexpensivemarketing methods.

Weinitiallysetupa Facebook page andpromotedthe page to our contacts. Almost a year later we decided to make a website for it, but thewebsiteisn’t really arequirement. You could do exactly the same thing through Facebook only. All the “marketing” is through word-of-mouth!

Maybe you are someone that has some skills or certification that can be turned into a service-based business?

Great examples here are book-keeping, cleaning, personal training, massage, gardening, creating websites or editing videos. The list is endless, but there is a high probability that your past employment has equipped you with some skills that you can then use for your own home based business!

So where to from here?

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